Company Mortgage

Company Mortgage

Company Mortgage - Company mortgage products are specialised mortgage products for limited companies. They provide limited companies funds to purchase a property through the means of a mortgage. Before offering a company mortgage, lenders may require that evidence of revenue and profits be seen. A company mortgage may be essential for a small company to grow their business, or as a long term investment. As they are quite specialist products, the use of a dedicated mortgage broker may be necessary to ensure that the best company mortgage deal is acquired.

Our team of expert advisers have a thorough knowledge of the mortgage market and are able to find the most suitable company mortgage packages for your company’s particular circumstances. We analyse the range of company mortgage products on the market through our comprehensive panel contact base. We are unbiased and impartial and are not tied to any particular lender. We look at the fees and terms and conditions of each package to determine which the company mortgage deals are best suited to your individual needs. In some instances, we may be able to negotiate rates and terms and conditions to ensure that your company mortgage is suitable to your financial plan.

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