Rent a Room Mortgages

Rent a Room Mortgages

Rent a Room Mortgages & Lodger Mortgages - involving the Rent a Room Scheme are commonly referred to as lodger mortgages and are a specialist area within Capital Fortune.

We have deemed Rent a Room mortgages & lodger mortgages a bespoke area of mortgage lending given most lenders are not prepared to offer mortgages on properties where the homeowner may wish to utilse the income received from a lodger to support the mortgage.

Capital Fortune have the knowledge and expertise to place lodger mortgage applications with a number of UK mortgage lenders. However, these forms of mortgage application often require a degree of liaison and negotiation with the lenders.

That is where our skills and lender relationships are essential.

We know our lenders criteria and we often know the underwriters. We will be able to speak directly with the underwriting team to ensure an holistic approach is taken to the lending decision. In many cases involving renting out a room to a lodger, the borrowers disposable income is often increased making the monthly mortgage payments more affordable and adding greater security to the lender. As a mortgage payer we will ensure that your wish to take in a lodger is within your mortgage lender's and insurer's terms and conditions.

The tax free income allowed under the rent a room scheme is £4,250 tax-free if you rent out a room to a lodger. This threshold has not however increased since the scheme was introduced in 1997 and there is growing pressure to increase the limits given the pressures on available accommodation.

At Capital Fortune, we work with a number of specialist and mainstream mortgage providers willing to offer mortgages utlising income from the rent a room scheme and who offer competitive mortgages on these properties.

To discuss rent a room mortgages and lodger mortgages call us today on 020 77 100 400 or Enquiry Online.

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