HMO Finance Mortgages

HMO Finance Mortgages

HMO Finance Mortgages - HMO finance mortgages are mortgages which finance the purchase of a HMO (house in multiple occupation). HMO finance mortgages are generally available from a number of lenders. However, mainstream lenders generally have restrictions on the type of borrowers to which they are willing to offer HMO finance mortgages. For example, some may not be willing to accept HMO finance mortgages applications from first time buyers or those with limited experience as a landlord.

There are a number of HMO finance mortgages packages available from a variety of lenders. Fixed rate and tracker rate mortgages may be available. In addition, it may be possible to secure an interest only mortgage, with no capital repayments every month.

Due to the variety of HMO finance mortgages and the complications caused by lenders requirements, securing HMO finance mortgages can be a lengthy and stressful process. This is where we can assist.

Our expert advisers have years of experience securing HMO finance mortgages for our clients. We offer a personalised service, designed around your individual needs and requirements. Our industry contacts with a range of mainstream and niche HMO finance mortgages providers means we have access to deals that may not available to individuals on the open market. We are also in the position to negotiate your application directly with lenders if necessary.

As a comprehensive panel of lenders broker, we are not tied to any one lender and put you, the customer, first. Our holistic analysis of HMO finance mortgages deals ensures that we recommend the most affordable and suitable package for your particular circumstances.

If you need any assistance why not speak to one of our Mortgage Advisers by calling 020 77 100 400 or Enquire Online.

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