HMO Finance

HMO Finance

HMO Finance - HMO Finance solutions are finance solutions for an HMO property – a house in multiple occupation. An HMO finance solution may be required for a variety of properties. For example, a house or flatshare with 3 or more unrelated tenants, students living in shared accommodation, a house split into bedsits or an owner-occupier property with more than two lodgers will all require HMO finance. Obtaining an HMO finance can be complex and legislation can be different dependant on the area of which the potential HMO is situated. If clients are unsure whether they are purchasing or choosing to remortgage what is an HMO property, please seek independent legal advice.

Due to the complex jurisdiction and definition of when HMO finance will be required for a property, specialist advice and assistance many be required to acquire the optimum HMO finance result. Our specialist team have years of experience in HMO finance and have established outstanding relationships with a number of providers offering HMO finance throughout the UK and internationally. Utilising these links and contact with senior underwriters, we can often obtain favourable HMO finance packages for our clients. Our role is to obtain the optimum financial result for you.

As well as speedily advising as to whether a local HMO finance provider, major UK or international bank will be most suited to your HMO finance application, our expert team will ensure all the paperwork required is completed to secure your HMO finance deal. We can save you time, money and hassle.

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